Tax Preparation Done Right

Tax preparation done right

Did you know that you’re likely paying too much in taxes? It’s true. That’s because the majority of tax professionals merely fill the boxes on your tax forms and ensure that your business is tax compliant. Year after year, they copy the previous years’ expenditures and take the obvious deductions. However, with nearly 80,000 pages of tax codes and regulations, the chances are very high that your tax professional is missing some of the 400+ possible deductions that exist.

Here at GI Accounting & Consulting, PC, you get a Certified Tax Planner (CTP), which means our CPA team is aware of every possible deduction to which you might be entitled. We know that small business owners work hard for their money. That’s why we make it our business to ensure that you keep as much of yours as possible.

Tax Solutions

Don’t delay professional tax planning and preparation with a Certified Tax Planner. Call our office today at 770-702-0430 to discover how our experienced team can decrease your tax obligations and find creative tax solutions that will strengthen your financial future. Request your strategy session today!