Tax Planning for Business Owners

Johns Creek Tax Planning

If you don’t have a tax planner on your financial team, you’re likely missing many of the more than 400 tax deductions allowed by the U.S. tax code. At GI Accounting & Consulting, PC, we are confident that we can uncover all the “hidden” deductions that you’ve been missing out on. We are Certified Tax Planners (CTP), which means our clients benefit from proactive, strategic tax planning professionals that are trained beyond traditional accountants and CPAs.

Our Johns Creek CPA team is trained in high-level, proactive tax planning strategies that save our clients thousands of dollars every year in taxes! In fact, clients who use a Certified Tax Planner benefit from a reduced tax rate. Let us help you reduce your tax burden through a comprehensive tax strategy that keeps more of your money in your pocket while you pay the least amount of tax possible in accordance with state and federal tax laws.

Small Business Tax Planning

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